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Generate Real Estate Seller Leads using Cloud CMA to CallAction Workflow
Generate Real Estate Seller Leads using Cloud CMA to CallAction Workflow

Learn how to setup your Cloud CMA landing page generate seller home value leads that are automatically engaged & synced into your CRM

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How to Use Cloud CMA Landing Page for Real Estate Lead Generation

Cloud CMA users can setup a fully automated home valuation lead capture system to generate motivated sellers leads. Automate your home value real estate lead follow-up with CallAction drip campaigns with this integration workflow.

Using this workflow, you can generate and capture seller leads online, offline or via text with our text for info lead capture system. 

The real estate CMA is generated automatically by Cloud CMA and emailed directly to the home owner.

Your real estate leads are then followed up with automatically with CallAction. If you get a partial lead (no phone number) CallAction will automatically do the data append to try and find the phone number, names, demographic data and other contact info.

All of your home value leads will be automatically synced into your CRM for easy future follow up and email drip. CallAction integrates with most real estate CRM’s like Followup Boss, CINC CRM, Boomtown and others.

Here are the two steps of this Cloud CMA to CallAction workflow: 

  • First is setting up the home seller landing page with Cloud CMA 

  • Second integrate with CallAction via simple email forward to our lead parser

Let's get started.

Set up Your Cloud CMA Landing Page

  1. You’ll need access to your Cloud CMA account login 

  2. Go to “Settings”

  3. Then “Lead Gen” tab

  4. There you will see a direct link to your personal “What’s my home worth landing page”

  5. This is a long URL link that you can link to in a few ways:

    a) Link in a FB ad directly.
    b) Buy a short domain name & point it to your long URL.
    c) Link to it directly w/ a button or link in your existing website.
    d) Use a URL shortner like
    e) Copy & Paste this: <a href=”(insert your cloudcma long URL)”>What’s my Home Worth?</a> (or any other call to action between the “> here </a>) Be sure to test link & make sure it goes to correct page. This can be included in email signature, webpage or anywhere where you can post html.

Personalize the Cloud CMA Cover Letter

You can have a personalized cover letter sent with the real estate CMA automatically.

  1. Go to your Cloud CMA login

  2. Click on Settings on the upper right-hand side

  3. Click on the "Page Contents" tab

  4. Write your custom real estate CMA cover letter and include a call to action

    a) Suggestion is to set the expectation that you will be following up with them shortly to schedule an appointment to review the comps, remove any outliers, analyze the home, and arrive at a proper valuation – together, since report does not factor the most important items like: property condition, improvements, etc.

    b) You will want to use your CallAction number as the contact number & have links to your website, MLS search, etc. with other strong calls to action.

Test Your Cloud CMA Real Estate Landing Page

  1. Go to your Cloud CMA home valuation URL

  2. Fill out the home valuation form with name, phone and a different email (to simulate being the lead).  

  3. Check your email for your Cloud CMA report

Review the cover letter and report to make sure your contact information is correct and you have call to action.

Cloud CMA Lead Notifications

You will receive a copy of the your Cloud CMA real estate report like  

  1. New lead notification email will have the subject line that reads: “You have a new lead!”

  2. Cloud CMA email lead notification contains the home sellers address, email address and possibly the phone number

Congratulations, you have setup your Cloud CMA home valuation lead capture site.

Integrate Cloud CMA with CallAction Marketing Automation

Now you will forward a copy of the Cloud CMA new lead email notification to your dedicated CallAction email address to complete the automated workflow. 

CallAction will parse the email, sync the captured lead data into your integrated real estate CRM and start your automated drip campaign follow-up.
Note: If you are going to push this aggressively as a lead capture tool, I would suggest that you purchase a dedicated CallAction phone number for just this marketing channel.

Create Your Home Seller Lead Follow-up Drip Campaigns

First you will start by building your lead follow-up drip campaign.

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on “Tools” in top navigation bar

  3. Click on “Drip Campaigns”

  4. Click on "Add New Drip Campaign" button in top right

  5. Name your Cloud CMA lead follow-up drip campaign

  6. Click “Add Step” to create first step of your follow-up

  7. Select your delay, message type and any media

  8. Add as many follow-up steps as needed to your drip campaigns 

  9. Save your new Cloud CMA seller lead drip campaign

Get Your CallAction Email to Forward Cloud CMA Leads

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Go to “Phone Numbers”

  3. Select the number you want to use & click “Manage”

  4. Click on “Email Settings”

  5. Copy your “CallAction Email” address to use next.

Set Your Cloud CMA Lead Follow-Up Drip Campaigns

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "Phone Numbers"

  3. Click on "Manage" of your Cloud CMA phone number

  4. Click on "Email Settings"

  5. Select your Cloud CMA drip campaign from drop-down

  6. Click "Save"

Setup Cloud CMA Email Forwarding Rule to CallAction

Lastly, we need to send new lead registrations to your CallAction using automated email forwarding rules.

  1. Login to your Gmail or Email account settings

  2. Add your CallAction email address as a new email forwarding address (You MUST notify us to confirm your email forwarding address)

  3. Create email forwarding rule using filter to select new Cloud CMA email lead registrations

  4. Setup email forwarding rule based on a filter of the subject line: “You have a new lead!” & the from: email address:

Congratulations, you have now setup a fully automated workflow to generate home seller leads with your Cloud CMA landing page and setup an automated lead follow-up campaign using CallAction. Bonus tip: you can also nurture the leads long-term with our Altos research integration.

Try this Cloud CMA to CallAction Workflow Integration for Free

CallAction offers free 14-day trial with full access to every tool including our custom drip campaigns, call broadcast lead router and text tool. Every trial also gives you access to our private Facebook group and a one on one screen share demo. 

Setup your free CallAction to Cloud CMA demo now.

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