How to integrate the Prosperworks CRM for Google Apps / Gsuite with CallAction intelligent automation & call capture platform

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Prosperworks CRM Integration

Prosperworks is a powerful CRM for Google apps users that integrates directly with Gsuite. Prosperworks also have various preset CRM templates including one for real estate. 

Why Integrate CallAction + Prosperworks

Benefits of this Prosperworks crm integration:  

  • Save time by eliminating manual data-entry of inbound calls to CRM using a powerful call capture phone solution.

  • Expand functionality of the Prosperworks CRM system using CallAction intelligent drip campaigns featuring text messages, video text and ringless voicemail drops to also eliminate time-consuming outbound lead follow-up.  

Easy Prosperworks API Integration

Let's get you started. 

  1. Go to Prosperworks Login

  2. Scroll down left side to Settings

  3. Click on Settings

  4. Click on API key

  5. Click Generate API Key

  6. Copy the API Key

  7. Enter in label

Next, we will complete the Prosperworks integration inside of CallAction

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on top left Profile

  3. Scroll down and click Integrations

  4. Click on Propsperworks

  5. Enter the email address used with your Prosperworks API

  6. Paste your Prosperworks API key into API field

  7. Click Save All Changes

Lastly, we much activate your individual CallAction numbers to sync captured campaign data back into your Propsperworks CRM

  1. Click on Numbers

  2. Select CallAction number to integrate 

  3. Click Manage

  4. Click on Call Settings

  5. Scroll down to Prosperworks  ON / OFF toggle switch

  6. Toggle to ON

  7. Click on Save All Changes

Repeat on all CallAction numbers you want to sync via API.

Multiple CallAction Users on Different Prosperworks CRM Accounts

  • Have each user repeat the steps above for their own individual accounts.

Try CallAction + Prosperworks CRM Integration Free

We have various integrations available on our intelligent automation platform to create powerful workflows. If you are not currently a user of CallAction you can setup a free 14-day trial of CallAction and a free trial of Prosperworks.

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