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How to Auto Archive Do Not Call Contacts
How to Auto Archive Do Not Call Contacts

Automatically archive contacts that are flagged and tagged as do not contact to keep your CallAction conversation view clean.

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Auto Archive Setting for Do Not Contact

Automatically remove contacts that have opted out or marked as Do Not Contact from your conversation view. Once the setting is active, contacts marked as Do Not Contact will be auto-archived after 1 hr.

Note: First time this is turned ON, the system will auto-archive all contacts marked as Do Not Contact.

If the contact inquires again in the future, they are automatically removed from the archive status and will appear on your conversation view.

How to Turn On / Off Auto Archiving of DNC Contacts

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Profile

  3. Click on Preferences

  4. Toggle Auto Archive to ON

  5. Click Save

Once contacts have been archived, you can always run a filter under the Contacts view to see all of the archived contacts and also unarchive them if needed.

Any questions, use the live chat at right.

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