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How to Unarchive a Contact
How to Unarchive a Contact

Learn the steps to unarchive a Contact that had been archived in CallAction and no longer visible in Conversations.

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Unarchiving a Contact

If you have archived a client and would like to unarchive them, you can quickly do that in just a few steps.

How to See Archived Contacts

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Contacts

  3. Click on Filter / Export button

  4. Enter a Start Date that is before the date you archived the lead

  5. Enter a Finish Date i.e. today

  6. Click on Archived Contacts to ON

  7. Click Apply Filter

You will now see a list of all of your archived contacts between the selected date range. Next, select the contact you want to unarchive.

How to Unarchive a Contact

  1. Click on red Unarchive button

Done, the contact will now be in your contacts and your conversation view. You can now use the dialer to call them, send them a text message, schedule an SMS or assign a drip campaign.

Any questions, start a support chat using the live chat button at bottom right of the page.

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