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Learn How to Correctly Use the CallAction Capture Only Setting

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What is the Capture Only Setting

The "Capture Only" setting allows you to turn off all text automation to do basic "call capture". The system will not send out any initial or follow-up text messages if this is set to "ON".  The default Capture Only setting is "OFF".

Where Do I Find Capture Only 

The "Capture Only" setting is found on the call settings page of your CallAction account.

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click "Phone Numbers"

  3. Click "Manage" of phone number you want to edit

  4. Scroll down to "Capture Only" setting

  5. Click to turn "ON / OFF" (Note: default is OFF. Turning on our text tool resets to ON to avoid conflict with text tool)

  6. Click "Save"

Why Do I Need to Change Capture Only Settings

This setting is used if you need to do basic "call capture" and if applicable, real-time lead intelligence. Some example times you would use capture only.

  • If you route calls to a number that is not text message enabled

  • Streamlining the data entry flow of lead calls to your CRM

  • Capture caller data for remarketing purposes like Facebook Custom Audiences

Who Should Use the Capture Only Settings

Any business that is investing in offline or online marketing will benefit the CallAction automated lead engagement platform. This setting allows maximum flexibility for any business interested in call tracking and marketing automation. 

  • Call Centers

  • Online Marketers

  • PPC Marketing Managers

  • Direct Response Marketers

  • Any Business with a Live Receptionist

  • Lead Generation Companies

  • Direct Mail Marketing Companies

When Should Capture Only be Turned ON / OFF

The default "capture only" setting is "OFF".  

  • OFF sets the system to both capture and respond to leads.

  • ON sets system to capture data only and stops all intelligent automation. 

How to Use the Capture Only Correctly

Some of the most common use cases based on the selected setting.

ON setting

  • Destination number is a landline or not SMS text message enabled

  • Calls directed to a call center or live receptionist

  • Phone number is used as a leadrouter / call broadcast tracking number

  • Phone number is used a text tool for text for info campaigns

OFF setting (default)

  • Default setting for call capture and automated lead engagement

  • Majority of the time if calls are routed to a mobile phone

  • If you want SMS text messages to engage all leads


Please use our support chat tool at the bottom right if you have any additional questions. 

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