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How to Fix Caller ID from Showing “Spam/Scam Likely”
How to Fix Caller ID from Showing “Spam/Scam Likely”

By following these steps, you can take proactive measures to address the "Spam/Scam Likely" issue and work towards improving your phone reputation.

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If someone you call informs you that your number is displaying "Spam/Scam Likely," it indicates that their cell phone carrier has flagged your number as spam. Each carrier maintains its own list of flagged numbers and utilizes its proprietary methods to identify spam traffic on its network, which is not publicly disclosed. As a result, different leads may see varying results when you call them; one may see the "Spam/Scam Likely" alert, while the other may not.

Keep in mind: Every person you contact has the ability to flag your number as spam with their respective cell carrier. To avoid being flagged as spam, it's crucial to provide value and exceptional service during your interactions.

In the event that you are following the best practices outlined here and still encounter issues with being flagged as spam, you have the option to request that carriers remove the spam flag from your number.

Once you complete the respective forms provided by each carrier, they will follow up with you, and you can typically expect to see results within 3-5 days.

After submitting your information, the spam provider for each carrier will directly respond to you via email. It is essential to note that this aspect of the process occurs outside of CallAction and is controlled by each carrier and their spam provider.

The typical response times are as follows:

- Hiya (on behalf of AT&T): 24 hours

- TNS (on behalf of Verizon): 24 hours

- First Orion (on behalf of T-mobile, Sprint, Cell1): 30 days

As each carrier updates its records and clears the "Spam Likely" flag from your number, their customers will no longer see the "Spam/Scam Likely" alert. However, it's crucial to recognize that a number can be flagged as "Spam/Scam Likely" again, which emphasizes the importance of following the best practices mentioned above to build and maintain a positive phone reputation.

For customers in the United States, the process to register and address the spam flag involves the following steps:

  • Company Numbers: Add your CallAction numbers and display name (company name) You can include multiple phone numbers on the form.

  • I believe my calls are: Real Estate

  • Contact Name: Your name

  • Company Phone: Your cell phone number

  • Email: Your business email

  • Calling Company Name: Your business name

  • Calling Company Address: Your business address

  • Calling Company URL: Your business website URL

  • Service Provider(s): Twilio

  • Calls per month: Provide the number of calls per month (you can check this in your account: Dashboard > Phone Numbers Activity > Report Period: Last Month)

  • Provide Feedback: Provide the feedback you have received from leads and how your calls are labeled

  • Click Send Verification Code: This will send a verification code to the email address provided

  • Enter Verification Code from Email: Paste the verification code from the email

  • Click Submit

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