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Undelivered Text Messages
Undelivered Text Messages

Learn why there are some undelivered text messages and what to do to fix the sms deliverability issues based on the reported error code.

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Common Error Codes and Solutions for Undelivered Text / MMS Messages

We have listed the most common errors in descending error and provided some possible solutions.

The recommend solution for message delivery issues is to simply call the contact to verify the phone number is active and the contact wants to engage with you.

How to Check Undelivered Text Message Error Code

In your conversation view, mouse over or click the Undelivered notification to view the tooltip and error code.

Message Error Codes

30007: Carrier Violation. Usually, this means your message got filtered (blocked) by a mobile carrier. Common reasons for message filtering:

  • Message content

  • Common spam keywords or phrases

  • Links or shortened links.

  • Lack of opt-out

  • Cadence / message volume

  • Lack of engagement / responses

  • Content is against carrier guidelines

Solution: Try editing text message content and resend.

30034: Text message from an unregistered phone number.

Solution: Register your A2P10DLC business profile.

30003: The destination handset you are trying to reach is switched off or unavailable.

Solution: Try calling to verify the phone is on or try sending the message again later.

30008: Unknown error, details not reported by mobile carrier.

Solution: Try calling the number to verify phone number is active or resend the message later.

30006: Landline or unreachable carrier. CallAction verifies line types to avoid landlines but numbers can be ported from mobile carrier to landline.

Solution: Try calling the phone number.

30005: Unknown destination handset. This might mean that the number you tried to message is no longer in service.

Solution: Try calling the phone number.

30011: MMS not supported by the receiving phone number.

Solution: Remove MMS attachments and resend the message as a plain SMS text.

30019: Content size exceeds mobile carrier limit

Solution: Reduce message length and/or attachment size and resend

30032: Toll-Free number has not been verified

Solution: Complete your business profile.

30035: US A2P 10DLC - Text message sent from a number still being configured with an A2P10DLC messaging service.

Solution: Try calling now or resend the message at a later time.

30024: Phone number not provisioned on carrier network.

Solution: Try calling the phone number.

30410: Destination number returned a timeout error.

Solution: Try calling or resending the message again.

12300: Provider unable to process the content-type or attachment.

Solution: Delete the attachment and resend.

11751: Media message exceeds messaging provider size limit. The combined size of the media in the message exceeds the maximum size limit for that number's mobile operator.

Solution: Reduce the size of the attachment and/or shorten the message and resend as one or multiple messages. (Note: Verify that the specified media is less than 500 KB)

11200: Carrier unable to process the content-type of the provided URL.

Solution: Try calling the phone number or edit the message, remove attachments, and resend.

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