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Callers Not Receiving Text Message?
Callers Not Receiving Text Message?

Check Your Call and Email Settings to Learn Why Leads are Not Receiving Text Messages

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Why Are My Leads Not Getting my Text Message

If you have received a call or email lead and you think your text message was not sent there is usually only two reasons.

Troubleshoot Your Text Message Settings

Review the following possible reason why no response is sent.

  • Check your "Business Hours" - CallAction only delivers text messages based on your selected business hours. Any inquiries that happen after hours will not receive your text autoresponder. Check your business hours in your profile.

  • The length of the Inbound Call Longer than 55 secs - text messages are not sent if the inbound phone call lasted more than 55 secs. Current technology cannot discern the difference between the caller leaving a long voicemail mail message or an answered short phone call.

  • Double Dial - if the first call was longer than 55 secs and they redialed within 15 mins, the system only sends one text message.

  • Phone Number is a Landline - we do not send text messages to phone numbers that are identified as a landline.

  • Inbound Inquiry is a Text - the system does not reply to initial inbound text messages as there is now way to know how to respond correctly unless the text tool is turned on and the text message contains a key.

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