10 steps to setup your automated call follow-up text

Learn how you can automatically follow-up every inbound phone call with a personalized text message. This tool will only send out one text message after the first phone call you have with a client that meets your settings.

It's designed to keep you top-of-mind with and helps clients remember you if you use the holiday drip text campaigns.

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "Phone Number"

  3. Scroll down to the phone number you want to adjust settings for.

  4. Click "Manage" at the far right of the phone number.

  5. Click "Call Settings" button

  6. Scroll down to "Call Follow-up Text" settings.

  7. Turn setting either On / Off

  8. Select minimum call length to send out automated follow-up text message

  9. Select the time delay to send text after the phone call is complete.

  10. Personalize your outbound follow-up text message.
    Best practices: include your name and possibly your company. You can also include emojis 😀 to make the text seem even more personal and impactful. Also

Done! Now every caller with whom you have a minimum length conversation will receive a follow-up text message to keep you top of mind.

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