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Moxiworks Engage CRM
Moxiworks Engage CRM

Learn How to Integrate Moxi Engage CRM with CallAction via the Moxi Cloud Open Platform.

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Setup CallAction to Moxi Engage Real Estate CRM

Moxiworks and CallAction are now integration partners on the Moxi Cloud platform. Real estate brokerages can activate the CallAction lead engagement automation platform to work with their Moxi Engage CRM tool.

What Does Moxi Engage and CallAction API Integration do?

This powerful integration automates the majority of the tedious tasks. Review some of the automations CallAction can perform and sync with Moxi Engage CRM

  • Automate data-entry of every call, text or email lead into Moxi Engage

  • Setup Lead routing to distribute brokerage leads to agents CRM

  • Automate lead follow-up and nurturing of leads assigned to agents

  • Push call transcriptions & activity notes into Moxi Engage CRM

This is a partial list of automations CallAction wiil sync to Moxi Works. 

Steps to setup Moxi CRM integration with CallAction

Follow these simple steps to integrate CallAction to Moxi Engage

Go to Moxi Engage Login

  1. Go to Moxi Works Engage Login

  2. Click on "Agent Profile" at top right

  3. Click on "My Account" 

  4. Click on "Contact info"

  5. Copy "Moxi Sync Email"

Next, is to integrate on CallAction.

Setup CallAction Integration

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "Profile" at top right

  3. Click on "Integrations"

  4. Click on "Moxi Works" integration button

  5. Paste your "Moxi Sync Email" into "Moxi Works API Id" box

  6. Click "Save All"

  7. Click on "Numbers"

  8. Select the CallAction number you want to send leads from.

  9. Scroll down "Call Settings" and turn "On" Moxi

Done, all inbound calls and text messages are automatically synced into the agents Moxi Engage CRM. If you still have questions about Moxi Engage integration, use the live chat at bottom right.

Try CallAction / Moxi Works Engage CRM Integration

CallAction offers a free 14-day trial to test the Moxiworks Cloud integration. You will get full access to CallAction platform in less than 10 mins and you'll be ready to test this integration.

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