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Transferring a Phone Number
Transferring a Phone Number

Can I take the phone number with me if I stop using CallAction? Yes, you can transfer to any provider you wish to use.

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CallAction Number Transfer Policy

When you signup for CallAction you can pick your own vanity phone numbers

If you signup for CallAction and decide to stop using our service after 30 days,  you can take your phone number with you to any other service.

You own your CallAction number.

You can transfer your phone number to any other service you wish to use at any time at zero cost. You will simply need to set up a port request from your new provider to us and we will immediately transfer the number.

First, you need to contact the new provider for instructions. Some carriers may need you to provide the following:

1. Account Number or Account ID

This is located on your account. Click on Profile then select Billing. You can view your CallAction ID from there.

2. PIN

Carriers may require the main account a PIN/Passcode from us for each phone number. This can be acquired upon request by sending us a message via chat or email.

3. Latest Bill or Invoice

A copy of this is sent to your email. You need to attach them to your port request.

Note: Once all of this information/documents are submitted to the new provider, you need to keep your account active with us upon full transfer.

Lastly, If you are transferring your phone number/s to Twilio, you can directly send us a message so we can initiate the port request.

If you have any questions, you can reach us via email or send us a message with our 7-day live chat to assist you further.

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