Porting a Phone Number

Learn how to port an existing phone number like Google Voice, Dialogue Tech, Call Fire or any other number to your CallAction.

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Steps to Port Your Number

You may transfer an existing phone number into your CallAction account using the following simple steps. The number porting process can take 1-4 weeks depending on the phone carrier's cooperation.

Items Needed to Port your Phone Number to CallAction

  1. A scanned (or electronic) copy of your most recent phone bill, within the last 30 days, that includes the account, owner/authorized username, and address information for all the numbers you’d like to port.

  2. Download and sign the letter of authorization by the authorized user and/or owner of the number(s). Note: that the information on your LOA must match the authorized user name and service address provided by your current carrier.

Steps to Port Your Existing Phone Numbers

  1. Send us a request via the support chat at the right or an email.

  2. Forward copies of the phone bill and signed a letter of authorization to us via email to support@callaction.co as a scanned pdf.

  3. We will process your request on the same day. 

  4. Phone numbers will be added to your CallAction account in 1-4 weeks.

Once the number porting process is completed the number will appear in your CallAction account for instant use.

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