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Preparing for Your CallAction Onboarding Call
Preparing for Your CallAction Onboarding Call

What to expect at your initial CallAction onboarding call.

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Getting Ready for CallAction Onboarding Call

The goal of the initial onboarding call is to have your account set up and by the end of the call, you using CallAction to follow up with leads and closing more sales.

Who Should be on the Call

  • Primary account owner

  • Operations person(s)

  • Users of the system

What You Will Need

  1. Be on your computer for Zoom video call

  2. Logged into the following accounts:

    1. CRM

    2. Email account(s) (Note: were you get your lead email notifications)

  3. Mobile phone next to you

We want to maximize our time together to get you setup as quickly as possible, if you will have trouble with any of the above, please contact us before the call to reschedule.

What to Expect

Goal by end of the initial onboarding call is to have the following completed:

  • CRM connected to eliminate manual data entry

  • Learn the 3 steps to using CallAction interface

  • Setup an initial lead workflow

Following is a general guideline of the initial onboarding call.

  1. Connect your CRM

  2. Set up your mobile phone

  3. Personalize your CallAction call settings

  4. Review the user interface and 3 step workflow of using CallAction

  5. Add contact to send / receive initial text / call

  6. Setup & filter CRM for initial campaigns

  7. Setup automated workflow for primary lead source

What is Next

After the initial onboarding call, you system will be setup and following up with your initial lead source(s). You will be receiving responses to your campaigns and ideal converting conversations to future closings.

We will create a MAP / mutual action plan of actions & tasks to set up your next steps:

  • Complete any assigned homework, actions & tasks

  • Review results and answer questions from first week(s) of using CallAction

  • Record voicemails for campaigns

  • Start new marketing campaigns to generate leads using one or more of the following:

    • Social media post with your call / text capture number

    • Generating leads using Video, Facebook Marketplace, Google My Business, Craigslist, Google Local Services or other items work together

  • Setup another lead source workflow

  • Check your email daily for our daily action tips

We look forward to working with you and your team.

If you have any questions, please search our details help docs and feel free to use the live chat to get help.

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