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Market Snapshot Integration
Market Snapshot Integration

Learn How to Integrate Market Snapshot Reports with CallAction

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Get User to Request Top Producer Market Snapshot Real Estate Reports via Text Message with a CallAction Integration

Using our powerful Market Snapshot API integration you use the power of text messages to allow users to request a Market Snapshot via CallAction text message.
Every captured lead is data appended and added in Market Snapshot email drip. You'll be notified via text message when users open the Market Snapshot report.

Set Up the Top Producer Market Snapshot API Integration

  1. Obtain your "Market Snapshot User Name & Password"

  2. Login to your CallAction

  3. Click on your "Name" at the top right

  4. Scroll down and click on "Integrations"

  5. Click on "Market Snapshot" button

  6. Enter your "Market Snapshot User Name & Password"

  7. Click "Authenticate"

  8. Click "Save All Changes"

  9. Click "Save All Changes" and you will see "Market Snapshot is Now Connected"

Next, set up Market Snapshot Integration on each CallAction phone number

  1. Click "Numbers"

  2. Click "Manage" on your CallAction phone number

  3. Click "Call Settings"

  4. Scroll down to "Market Snapshot" slider

  5. Click slider to "On"

Congratulations, you have now fully integrated your Market Snapshot with CallAction.

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