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How to Turn ON / OFF Browser Notifications for CallAction
How to Turn ON / OFF Browser Notifications for CallAction

Never miss an incoming sales opportunity from CallAction with browser notifications. Click on the notification to open the conversation.

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CallAction Browser Notifications

Get browser notifications from CallAction to never miss a sales opportunity when you are actively in the CallAction tab working on the website.

Browser Notification Settings

How to Access Browser Notification Settings to Turn ON

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Profile in top right

  3. Click on Preferences

  4. Click Enable Browser Notifications

  5. Click Allow Notifications in top left of your browser

Done. You will receive browser notifications when you have a browser tab open with CallAction in the background.

Clicking on the browser notification takes you directly to the specific contact conversation in CallAction so you can respond and take action via a call or text.

You can control which browser notification you receive on the browser notification settings page of CallAction.

Quickly responding to your contacts and doing long-term follow up you will improve your lead conversion and earn a better ROI from your lead generation.

Take this Guided Tour to Turn On the Browser Notification

Click this button now to set up your browser notifications.

If you need help turning on the browser notifications, use our 7-day-a-week live chat by clicking the round chat bubble in the bottom right of this page โ†˜

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