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Get Started with CallAction
Get Started with CallAction

Basic Setup of Your CallAction Account to Help You Get Started in 15 Mins or Less.

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Checklist to Setup Your CallAction Account

Take 15 mins to finish setting up your CallAction account to work for your business. If you haven't do so yet, please take a quick tour of the CallAction interface to familiarize yourself with the platform.

Please complete the 3 following sections to get up and running quickly.

1. Personalize Your Text Messages

Start by personalizing your outbound text messages from CallAction. There are 3 main text messages you should personalize. Tip: Always include your name & website in the first text message, so leads know who is texting them.

2. Integrate Your CRM

Setup your CRM integration. Use our powerful API or email parse integrations to get lead calls automatically logged into your CRM and your email leads responded to instantly. Select your CRM from the list below.

3. Setup Lead Sources

Lastly, you'll need to start getting leads into CallAction. There are two main types of leads, calls and email leads. Below are instructions for setting up lead sources

Done, you are ready to immediately start using CallAction.

If you haven't scheduled your personal demo with us, please do so now by clicking the support chat button at the bottom right of your screen.

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