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How to Integrate Your Listing Power Tools Listing Presentation Inquiries with CallAction for Instant Follow-Up and Export to Your CRM

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Do You Use Listing Power Tools Listing Presentation & Text Capture Tools?

If you use the Listing Power Tools Just Listed Power Pack with their Text Capture tool you can now automate the lead capture, follow-up and nurturing of leads with a 5 min. integration with CallAction.

Here's what the workflow integration looks like.

  • Lead Inquiry > LPT > CallAction > Your CRM

You only need to setup and email forwarding rule of the email notification you receive from LPT into your dedicated CallAction email address.

  • CallAction will do the data append to gather lead intelligence.

  • CallAction will sync the lead into your CRM of choice

  • CallAction will instantly engage the lead with our automated text.

  • CallAction will automatically send the lead your vCard

  • CallAction will nurture the lead with holiday text campaigns with video

Setup Your Listing Power Tools Integration to CallAction

First, you will need to get your CallAction email address to setup an email forwarding rule.

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "Numbers" in top navigation

  3. Click on "Manage" of CallAction phone number used for integration

  4. Click on "Email Settings"

  5. Copy your "CallAction" email address

  6. Setup email forwarding rule and filter to take the email notification from Listing Power Tools.

Listing Power Tools Email Forwarding Rule

Next, you will need to setup the specific forwarding rule in your email like Gmail or Outlook.

  1. Setup a forwarding rule with the following rules to select the correct email.

   2. Send the leads to your CallAction email address that you copied above.

That is it, you have now fully integrated Listing Power Tools with your CallAction account!

Not Currently Using CallAction with Listing Power Tools?

Interested in trying out this workflow integration? CallAction offers a free 14 day trial of services that you can setup in less than 10 mins. See first hand the time savings of using this LPT to CallAction integration.

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