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How to Use the CallAction Follow Up Boss Inbox App
How to Use the CallAction Follow Up Boss Inbox App

Start using the CallAction Follow Up Boss Inbox App. Learn the FUB Inbox app workflow to get to Inbox zero and automate future follow-up

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Start using your CallAction Inbox App

Once you have enabled the CallAction Inbox App in Follow Up Boss with your embedded app you are now ready to leverage the most efficient workflow for following up and nurturing leads in the FUB Inbox.

Overview of the Inbox App

Here's how to access CallAction in your Follow Up Boss Inbox App.

  1. Click on Inbox

  2. Click on Filters

  3. Check CallAction

You will start to see all your incoming CallAction text messages in the Inbox.

Replying to CallAction Text Messages

Incoming text messages will appear in the Inbox folder.

  1. Click on the Conversation (Phone Number)

  2. Reply to Conversation using Inbox at bottom of conversation

Helping You Achieve Inbox Zero

We have designed CallAction Inbox App to automatically close the conversation after replying so you can achieve Inbox zero. If Person responds again, we will automatically reopen the conversation in your Inbox.

Note: CallAction Phone Calls also appear in your Inbox app when you have the Calls filtered, allowing you to quickly see all your captured incoming phone calls.

Inbox Workflow Tip

We recommend that you move the CallAction embedded app to the top right of your Inbox App so you can easily Start a Campaign, use our AI Suggested Text, Schedule Messages, and Text Templates without leaving the Inbox screen.

Start using CallAction Inbox App Now

Still Have Inbox App Questions?

Click on the Live Chat circle icon at the bottom right of this page for support or to schedule a zoom call.

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