Non-Responsive Lead Follow-Up Drip Campaign

Missed calls are valuable opportunities. CallAction helps you engage every missed call with a multiple step follow-up process.  

How the Non-Responsive Follow-Up Drip Campaign Works

Here's how the missed call automation works:

  • Missed calls are sent initial missed call first text
  • if no response from the user, the 45 min nudge text is sent
  • if no response, 15 mins later non-responsive voicemail drop is delivered
  • if no response, you can start a long-term follow-up drip campaign which is the solution we cover on this help doc.

Setup the Non-Responsive Follow-Up Drip Campaign

  1. Login to CallAction
  2. Click on Numbers
  3. Click on Manage of the campaign number
  4. Click on Call Automations
  5. Scroll to Non-Responsive Lead Follow-Up
  6. Make sure Voicemail Follow Up Drop is ON & setup
  7. Turn ON Follow Up Drip Campaign
  8. Click on Setup Drip Campaign
  9. Select your follow up Drip Campaign
  10. Click Save & Back

Done! Now every missed inbound caller who was non-responsive can be automatically followed-up with multiple times insuring you never miss an opportunity!

Build a Custom Follow Up Drip Campaign

You should build a custom follow up drip campaign or use one of the pre-made drip campaign templates.

Try CallAction Drip Campaigns Free for 14-Days

If you currently do any kind of offline or online marketing you can immediately increase your lead conversion with the CallAction Drip Campaign solution. We offer a free 14-day trial of the platform.

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