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Learn how to set up a form free email collection software to capture and build your email list by having users text their email address.

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Form Free Email Collection via Text

Collect email addresses and build your email list form free via text message. This is similar to text for info except instead of a keyword, you are requesting email addresses.

Captured email addresses can by synced into CRM's via API or Zapier. Automate captured lead follow up with our intelligent drip campaigns and our lead to call automations

Best Email Capture Form is No Email Capture Form

Filling our forms on mobile is painful. Replace email capture forms with our form free email collection call to action. View an instant demo by texting your address below. 

  • Text your "Email Address" to (979) 272-6555

You'll receive an instant response to see the email capture system in action. 

Where to Collect Email Addresses Form Free via Text

There are many use cases for using form free email collection. 

  • Public speakers can use this to deliver offers or presentation via text while building email list.

  • Event promoters use this for RSVP events

  • Restaurants can use this to provide discount coupons

  • Direct mail marketers can use form free email collection on direct mail pieces.

Track your email collection campaigns using a dedicated phone number.  Learn how to setup form free email collection tool below.  

Video of Email Collection Software Set Up

Below are detailed step by step instructions for email collection. 

How to Set Up Form Free Email Collection Tool

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Tools

  3. Select Email Collection Campaign

  4. Enter Area Code & optional vanity search

  5. Click Search Phone Numbers

  6. Select a email collection tool number

  7. Click Get Phone Number

  8. You'll be redirect to Email Collection Tool settings.

  9. Enter your Text Response to be sent after email capture

  10. Optional: Set a follow up drip campaign or media attachment

  11. Click Save

Your email tool is setup to capture emails. You can setup some integrations or advanced settings if needed. 

CRM Integration of Email Collection System

Captured email addresses can be synced into your CRM in real-time.  

  1. Click on Manage

  2. Click on Integrations

  3. Toggle ON / OFF setting of connected CRM integration

Advanced Email Collection Tool Settings

View email tool advanced settings.

  • Email Collection:  ON or OFF let's you convert number to normal call capture number

  • Campaign Name: Set a campaign name to track lead source (can edit per event)

  • Default Answer: This is message users receive if they text an invalid format email. 

You can now setup a custom drip campaign to follow up with your captured email leads.  

Try this Form Free Email Collection Tool Free for 14-Days

Every free trial of this email capture tool includes access to our powerful all-in-one sales and marketing automation platform.  Try this email tool along with our text for info lead generation solution. Take 10 mins to signup for your free trial of now. 

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