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Lead Export Integration

6 Steps to Export your Captured Call Data to Your CRM

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6 steps to export your captured call data to your CRM of choice

Learn how you can easily export lead data via a simple email integration to your CRM is available. Many CRM systems will allow for contact records to be created via a parsable email. CallAction can send a parsable email to your CRM's email address in real-time. Note: we also have more advanced API, Zapier integrations or simple CSV download.

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "Numbers"

  3. Select specific phone number to manage Call Settings

  4. Click the "Manage" or gear icon at far right

  5. Scroll down to "Lead Export Integration" under Integrations

  6. Slide button to "On" to activate export

  7. Enter your CRM email address or any other email address to receive complete lead details in real-time. 

  8. Scroll to bottom and "Save All Changes"

Yes, you are now syncing lead data directly to your CRM in real-time!

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