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Agent Legend Alternative
Agent Legend Alternative

Looking for an Agent Legend alternative solution? is the most powerful and complete alternative for automated lead follow up.

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Are you an Agent Legend User?

Lead follow up is difficult which is why you want to use automation to follow up on your leads. Solutions like Agent Legend and CallAction both solve the problem.

Occasionally some will try to compare Agent Legend vs Agentology (now but those are entirely different solutions. One is leverages automation while the other uses real estate ISA team backed with automation. is an alternative to Agent Legend as a pure software based scalable automation with different capabilities to solve your more of workflow issues. 

Did you already do an Agent Legend Demo?

The easiest way to compare the platforms if you did an Agent Legend demo is to schedule a CallAction demo

During that demo you can ask the questions that are causing you to look for an alternative to Agent Legend and decide if CallAction is your next solution. 

Why are you looking for an alternative?

Did you look at Agent Legend pricing? You can compare with CallAction pricing and you'll see both solutions are comparable in entry level pricing. 

Did you try the Agent Legend app? CallAction use an advanced mobile responsive website design that doesn't require an app yet provides all of the functionality of the desktop version directly on any device. This eliminates the need to learn an app and learn the desktop software.  

Looking for different features and tools beyond Agent Legend? Here are some links to some of the features that sets CallAction apart.

There maybe more but the easiest way to determine the best solution for your needs is to do a demo of both Agent Legend and CallAction solutions. 

Schedule a CallAction Demo

Contact us today to see if CallAction will solve your needs as an Agent Legend alternative

Reviews of Agent Legend Alternative

You can also check out CallAction reviews such as the Inman review. Alternatively you can check do quick Google search to see what agents are saying and check out videos on YouTube like the one below.  

Try CallAction Free 

If you are a current Agent Legend user you can sign up for a free CallAction trial. We will do a personalized one-on-one video call to get you up in running within 1 hr. so you can compare the solutions first hand. 

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