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How to Check Your BoomTown! CRM Lead Conversion & Engagement Rates
How to Check Your BoomTown! CRM Lead Conversion & Engagement Rates

Access BoomTown ROI reporting to get your lead conversion rates, agent responsiveness, and average response time KPI's and their importance

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View the BoomTown ROI Lead Reporting Dashboard

Learn how your real estate business is doing by accessing your BoomTown Reporting dashboard and checking your BoomTown CRM Vitals.

This will help you do a quick lead vitals audit to see if you need to work on your business and automate more processes.

We will highlight a few of the KPI's (key performance indicators) below and why they are important to compare with your CallAction reporting. This quick audit will help you understand the importance of leveraging CallAction sales automation workflows with your BoomTown! account.

Steps to Check Your BoomTown! Vitals

  1. Login to BoomTown CRM

  2. Click on Reporting

  3. Click on Vitals

You are now seeing the above dashboard. Let's review the three critical KPI's.

  • Lead Engagement:

  • Agent Response Rate & Times to Response:

  • Leads with To-Do's:

1. Lead Engagement

You can only convert a lead to a client if you actually have a conversation with them. So the lead engagement KPI is the single most important one.

Improving your lead engagement rate (using CallAction automations) means more conversations which translate to more closings from the same amount of leads, thereby increasing your ROI.

Check your BoomTown! lead engagement rates for calls, text and emails.

The higher the engagement rates, the better, means more conversations.

If your text engagement is below 35-40% you have room for massive improvement using CallAction. More text conversations will equal more phone conversations.

  • What is your overall lead engagement?

Depending on lead sources, CallAction lead engagement rates are regularly 50% - 80%.

Note: Audit your Call success rates as this data is self-reported by the team. So if you are keeping them accountable, they may sometimes fudge the numbers in order to not get in trouble and continue receiving leads.

2. Agent Response Rates & Response Times

You or your agent's response rates are critical to your lead conversion. Again, you cannot convert a lead to a client if you don't have a conversation because leads are not responded to.

This should be as close to 100% as possible. Any percentage less than 100% is amount of wasted opportunities.

  • What percentage of leads never receive a response?

Using CallAction, we can guarantee 100% responsiveness (unless phone numbers are fake or landlines) as the follow-up process is automated using our advanced drip campaigns.

Agent response times should be as quick as possible since speed to lead is critical.

Contacting leads in less than 5 mins can increase lead conversion by over 300%. After a few hours, the lead is basically wasted.

Tom Ferry has a great video on this and it's way he recommends CallAction as 1 of the 10 solutions to build a million-dollar follow-up system.

  • Are your agent's response times longer than 5 mins?

If yes, again, can automate the follow-up leads in BoomTown! CRM and solve your speed to lead to increase lead conversion.

Leads To-Do's

Undone to-do's and task can be overwhelming. They also represent missed opportunities. These are follow-up tasks that were not completed and therefore are possible lost clients if not completed.

  • Is the number of undone to-do's so great it will never be completed?

Most of these to-do's are manual calls and text messages to leads and represent the majority of the time spent by agents working a CRM.

They need to be completed but often are not because call connect rates are often below 18%, so 82% of effort on to-do's is wasted.

This is where CallAction can streamline the workflow by eliminating undone tasks with outbound follow-up campaigns to insure 100% of the leads are followed up with vs. depending on brute effort that waste time.

How is Your Lead Conversion Report Card?

If you are scoring less than 60% on most of these reports, you are losing money. Just like school, 60% is a D and close to an F.

  • What is your lead follow-up GPA?

Are you running an A, B, C or D business?

The fix for most of these issues is simply automating the tasks. Since most of this is repetitive and tedious and depends on humans, it doesn't get done.

These are the exact things that should be automated to create a consistent lead follow-up, which leads to consistent closings and commissions.

We haven't even talked about the inefficiencies of time spent in data-entry of leads or logging notes.

Free Trial of CallAction for BoomTown! Users

CallAction has a native API integration with BoomTown! and workflows to solve the majority of the issues. Book a free consultation today and learn how we can help you convert more leads to commissions.

We'll start by helping you revive your old leads and then eliminating follow-up tasks by leveraging follow-up drip campaigns with our proven templates.

Check out some of our testimonials and learn who Tom Ferry recommends us as 1 or 10 solutions for lead conversion.

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