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How to Generate Leads on Clubhouse App
How to Generate Leads on Clubhouse App

Are you Clubhouse influencer looking to capture contact info of audiences to easily share content via a simple lead capture funnel?

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Capture Leads from Clubhouse App

Use a dedicated call capture phone number in your Clubhouse profile. Encourage your audiences to call/text your CallAction dedicated Clubhouse phone number to create continuinity of text and phone conversations.

Clubhouse is an audio format similar to interactive podcast, radio show format. This creates focus on voice communication.

The power of Clubhouse is authentic, personal, conversations via voice which cannot be faked.

How to Connect and Leverage Your Clubhouse Bio

Focus is on your Clubhouse bio which can include direct links to your Twitter and Instagram profiles.

There are no other live links currently on the Clubhouse app that you can add to the Clubhouse bio.

You can add email addresses and websites URLS but you can not copy the profile data, this makes it difficult for users.

Add a Dedicated Text / Call Capture Phone Number to your Clubhouse Bio

Sharing a call capture number in your profile gives you a simple, natural way to connect with audiences.

Make sure the phone number is super easy to remember.

Next, you'll want to be able to easily share info on the Clubhouse platform to create your lead funnel. There is where you'll need to leverage your text for info software.

Generate Leads on Clubhouse by Sharing Content via Text for Info

If you are going into a room, prepare your content ahead of time to share.

This can be a lead magnet that is specific to the Clubhouse room you are joining or a simply summary of direct links to your other profiles.

The power of using text for info is reduction in friction, direct access to the links you want to share and lastly the ability to capture phone numbers to start two way conversations.

Have that link in your bio. As you as speaking, direct people to get the info by checking out your bio with the call to action / CTA to get the lead magnet.

Below is example of our profile of a CTA for 41 real estate lead generation ideas using video.

Lastly, all leads can be synced directly into your favorite CRM using any of our API integrations.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how we can help you, book a demo call today.

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