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How to View Contacts in Follow Up Boss
How to View Contacts in Follow Up Boss

Learn how to quickly view a Follow Up Boss contact directly from CallAction with direct link navigation, saving you valuable time & effort.

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View Contact in Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss CRM users can quickly navigate between contacts in CallAction and Follow Up Boss with our view in Follow Up Boss links. Your workflow of switching between CallAction to FUB to CallAction accounts is easier than ever.


How to Find a Contact in Follow Up Boss from within CallAction

If you have connected your Follow Up Boss API and embedded app, all contacts within CallAction have a direct link to the contact in FUB.


Where are the Direct to Follow Up Boss Contact Links Located

These links are created inside of your CallAction account in the contact record. The links are located in the following strategic areas:

  1. Incoming Call Notifications

  2. Paused / Cancelled Drip Campaign Notifications

  3. Contact ID under Phone Number

  4. Follow Up Reminder Notifications

We included the view in Follow Up Boss links in areas that are most logical based on real-time workflows of switching between accounts.
Make sure you have your Follow Up Boss API connected when you get started with Follow Up Boss and CallAction. If you have any questions, feel free to contact support using the live chat at the bottom right.

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