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How to Get Google Reviews
How to Get Google Reviews

Learn how to get Google reviews by following the step by step guide to get your business review link from your Google My Business page.

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Get Google Reviews on Your Google My Business Profile

Getting Google reviews for your business should be a proactive process of your marketing. Google reviews help build trust and gain visibility in the search results.

If you are going Google Local Service Ads reviews are critical to helping you get more inbound click-to-calls lead calls from your GLS ad spend.

Learn how to find & copy your Google Review link shortcut to get reviews

  1. Click on your Google profile in top left of Chrome

  2. Login to your Google My Business page

  3. Click on Home in the top right (summary page - not the reviews)

  4. Click on Get more reviews: Share review form

  5. Click to Copy Google review link

Tips to Quickly Get Google Reviews

Now that you have your Google review link, you just need to start sharing it and requesting reviews for your new and existing clients.

Here are some tips and tricks to request GMB reviews.

  • Save the link in your CallAction canned text responses for easy access. Text link to clients when you are with them to provide help on what to write (Pro Tip: Have them include locations in your reviews.

  • Setup a step in your nurture drip campaigns to request reviews with a direct link in the message.

    "Hello! Can I ask a favor? Our business depends on word-of-mouth referrals and public 5 ⭐️ reviews. Can you take 2 mins to help us with a review? (insert Google My Business Review Link)"

  • Include a screenshot of your existing reviews as social proof that others have provided you Google reviews.

  • On your website, add a review page with videos and screenshots of existing reviews and include a direct link to give you a review.

  • Do an email blast with a copy of the image and a direct link to your GMB review form. Include a merged personalized optimized review with location and type of business.

  • Review our pre-written messaging plans like the ISA handoff and include the review request link directly in the campaigns.

How to Optimize Your Real Estate Google Reviews

Quick way to SEO optimize your Google reviews is to have rev clients mention some of the following things in their reviews:

  • City, zip, and or neighborhood names

  • Type of home buyers/sellers they are ("We are a young millennial couple", "senior", "divorced", etc)

  • Hero story items... buy after foreclosure, bankruptcy, etc.

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