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iPhone Settings to Receive Text Message Notifications
iPhone Settings to Receive Text Message Notifications

If you are not receiving text notifications when your iphone is locked, the issue maybe in your iPhone settings.

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How to Get Text Notifications on iPhone

If you are not receiving text message notifications to your iPhone when the screen is locked after a software update or new iPhone purchase, it may be your iPhone settings.

How to Allow Text Message Notifications on iPhone

Follow the steps of this help doc to check your iPhone Settings now.

  1. Unlock iPhone

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Click on Notifications

  4. Scroll down list to Notification Style

  5. Show Previews

  6. Select Always

  7. Select Announce Notifications

  8. Toggle ON Announce Notifications

  9. Scroll down list of Announce Notifications From

  10. Click on Messages

  11. Toggle Announce Notifications to ON

  12. Select All Notifications

If you are still having issues with text message notifications, please check the following help documents for other possible issues.

As a fallback for text notifications, please enable the following settings in CallAction.

If you are still having trouble, please use the live chat in bottom right and we will help you with your CallAction account. We will ask you iPhone version, software version, and other details for help you debug the issue.


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