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How to Use Dynamic AI Response Suggestions in Follow Up Boss
How to Use Dynamic AI Response Suggestions in Follow Up Boss

Learn how to ChatGPT powered AI response suggestions within Follow Up Boss to speed up responding to incoming text messages via CallAction

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Leverage Dynamic AI Text Response Templates

Use ChatGPT AI-generated text responses to quickly respond to incoming text message responses directly within the CallAction embedded app.

Goal of the AI text responses is to continue the client conversion to discover their motivation and ability. Once a client responds, users should then continue the conversation on their own via text or call.

How to Use AI Response Templates

  1. Log in to Follow Up Boss

  2. Select a Person who has responded via text / SMS

  3. Click on the robot icon in the CallAction embedded app

  4. Review two auto-generated AI responses

  5. Click to select desired text response

  6. Edit the text message if needed

  7. Click Text to or you can also Schedule Text to send later

You can also regenerate AI text responses if needed.

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