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How to Use Text Templates in Follow Up Boss
How to Use Text Templates in Follow Up Boss

Save time responding to contacts via text message using custom text templates accessible in the CallAction Follow Up Boss embedded app.

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Using Text Templates in Follow Up Boss

Access your custom text templates to quickly respond to contacts directly within the Follow Up Boss app.

First Steps to Use Text Templates

You will need to have the CallAction app enabled in FUB and move it to the top view for easy access. We also recommend that you set up our Follow Up boss view to easily see all of the incoming text responses.

How to Create Your Text Response Templates

You can create custom canned text responses in CallAction that will be accessible via the app.

How to Select and Send a Custom Text Template in Follow Up Boss

  1. Login to Follow Up Boss

  2. Click on Person record

  3. Select the text template

  4. Click Text

Scheduling a Text Template to be Sent Later

Somethings, you need to follow up with a contact at a later time. You can combine the custom text templates with the scheduled text feature of CallAction in the Follow Up Boss app to streamline your future follow-up tasks.

Looking for Text Campaigns in Follow Up Boss?

Learn why the top real estate teams in the country use CallAction with Follow Up Boss to streamline lead follow-up with text drip campaigns. Setup a free trial today or book a consultation below.

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